Water Well Project

Water Well Project

Clean drinking water is difficult to find for more than 1 billion people around the world. The lack of clean water takes a toll on the people in such regions. Without the necessary infrastructure, people are forced to spend a lot of their time searching for water, often traveling long distances to obtain water from other regions. This is more difficult in some countries where poverty limits the means of travel. People living in countries such as Kenya have to walk 3-5 miles just to get clean water and whatever they procure, they have to carry back. Most of the water is obtained and carried by children and women. Instead of going to school, children have to carry water as part of their chores. This causes large numbers of children to grow up uneducated. If a household doesn’t have a child, the woman is expected to carry the water.

Building water wells is the best solution to this multidimentional problem. Building wells in regions that have little access to water means the locals do not have to spend their time searching for clean water and the children do not have to sacrifice their education to quench their thirsts. TAPRO started its “Water Well” campaign in 2014. Since then, with the help of volunteers and sponsors, a water well has been built in Matsangoni-Kilifi, Kenya, where there was little or no access to drinking water. This well is currently functioning to help ease the difficulty of obtaining clean water for the locals.

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